Our Furry Companions
    For centuries animals have been associated with witchcraft, certain animals are thought to have magikal abilities, gifts or skills that aid in a witches spell. In shamanistic faith there is a strong belief in totem animals that are linked to certain individuals to give them knowledge and power. It isn't as well known that Otherkin use familiars too, here I'm going to add a little information on the three.

    First I will go with some basic animals, and what they're known for, be it character traits or, skills.

Cats-  These seem to be the most common familiars, Cats represent independence, free will, and solitude. Feline familiars are said to be very magikal, they can see a persons aura, have strong empathy and a greater connection with the divine. Cats hunt with great stealth and have a way of sneaking up on others, who better to guide you unnoticed through the many mystic plains of existence than a cat. Also famous for there remarkable since of balance and reflex. Balance is a virtue when you have a darker nature to your kin, and reflex could help you be better prepared when under attack. When it comes to moving in other plains the assistance from these creatures is unmatched. The zodiac sign Leo is represented by a Lion
Dogs- Our ever faithful companions, wolves evolved into dogs alongside the human race, we have aided one another for tens of thousands of years. Who better to trust? Dogs are known for their loyalty to their masters, guarding with their very lives the ones they love, from the physical realm on into the spiritual realm. Canines have some of the best senses in the animal kingdom, they warn you when a stranger is sneaking around your property, but can also warn you of malevolent entities in the nonphysical realms. From a noble wolf to a gentle collie, dogs are the true guardians of the spiritual realm.
Birds-  The wisdom of an owl, The all seeing eagle, The mystery of the Raven. Birds have so many qualities, I couldn't cover them all in this short summary. One thing they all have though, the gift of sight. In ancient times, it was believed that when the birds migrated they were traveling directly out of time its self, if this were true than perhaps they know what the future holds? Are they so much smarter than we give them credit for, do they know there own fate aswell as ours? I'd like to think so.
Frogs and Toads- Witches have always been thought to turn their enemies into frogs or toads. To me and many other witches this would seem to nice... These amphibians are the true shape shifters of the world, Having a frog for a familiar may very well inspire you to change or take up a different walk of life, most logically for the better. Amphibians are also representative for the elements. The frog representing, water, where it spends most of its days. A toad, the element of earth, where it often burrows and sleeps. The salamander has been associated with fire, and is the most common elemental for fire. The tiny tree frogs and gliding frogs, honor the element of air.   
Rabbits and Hares- Having a rabbit familiar is said to heighten your intuition and awareness. Rabbits are also very adaptable living any where from tundra to desert, rabbits teach us to find peace no matter where we are. Rabbits along with other rodents, are also a symbol of fertility and child birth. Having a rabbit around could be natures fertility drug.
Horses- Guides to the unknown, the plains of the dead. Horses are a great way to get where your going quickly this is true even in the spiritual realms. If you have a horse familiar try asking it for a quick escort next time you astral project. You might find that you get there allot faster with this companion. I must also focus on unicorns and Pegasus, two mythological creatures with horse like appearances. Unicorns are symbols of purity and white magik, Pegasus more so a since of the divine and untamable power. Lastly I will touch on the Centaur, half horse half man. The speed and stamina of the horse and the crafting and building skills of man.
Snakes and Serpents- Striking fear into most people, the snake shows us how you shed the past and move on into the future, much in the way they shed their old skin. A snake uses camouflage and speed to subdue its prey and can work as a personal spy for you, warning you if danger will soon present itself. Snakes can be a sign of changes to come some for the better and others for the worse. A serpent is a definite sign of trouble. The circling of a snakes coils also protects us from curses.  
Lizard- Represents the plain of manifestation, a lizard can help you see past the physical realm of existence. Lizards also like snakes shed their skin of the past, they do it slower learning from their experiences, teaching us to acknowledge what we've learned but never dwell on it. A lizard teaches us that with enough patients solutions will come to us. To have a lizard around is to be enlightened.
Turtle and Tortoise- Take it slow and steady, the lesson learned in the Tortoise and the Hare. Turtles, tell us all will come to those with patience, also that many times the answers are within us already, somewhere under that thick shell is the truth. Staying low to the ground so that the flow of energy from the earth is always with them, they are the perfect companion for a geomancer. Turtles are familiar with all the secrets of the earth. It was even believed in some cultures that the world was carried on the back of a great tortoise.
Insects- If you choose and insect familiar, remember that they will only give to you as much as you give to them. They are hard workers, and many work as a unite. Having many of these familiars will help them help you. Insects can see the world in ways we could never dream.
Cow- The symbol of peace, tolerance, as well as stubbornness. Another familiar that can teach us to wait things out, but not to jump just cause we are coaxed to, do what you feel inside not what someone informs you to do. A cow can help you accept that which you cannot change. The zodiac sign Taurus, is represented by a bull.
Spiders- A creature long feared and misunderstood, arachnids make wonderful familiars. They are the ancient architects of the world, building their dreams from within. Along side their cousins the scorpions, spiders are lethal fighters. Having a spider familiar could help you build your dreams from within. The zodiac sign scorpio is represented by a Scorpion, Cancer is represented by the Crab, the cousins of Spiders
Ferrets and Weasles- Crafty when getting what they need, the members of the mustle family, show no fear, even when faced with the immposible, these familiars, make their presents known and refuse to give up once a task is presented. An inspiration for us all.
Mice, Hampsters, and Gerbils- Preparation, is the teaching of these small beast. It is always better to have to much than not enough, a plan, someplace to fall back on. Be it a pile of grain, or a quick hole to retreat into. These rodents seem to be more vigalent than any others.
Fish-  In my opinion fish don't make the best familiars. Though some breeds, such as the gold fish would be in their natural environment, and it is always best that your familiar have some amount of freedom. Fish can guide you in a variety of ways, mainly though to take what you can from what is provided, their is  no harm in dreaming for  more, but always except what is tangible at the time. The zodiac sign Picese is represented by Fish
Rams, Goats, and Sheep- A symbol of mankinds developement, the goat was the second animal domesticated by man. Goats are resouceful and hardy. Rams, are noble dulers, and fight sometimes to the death for what it is that they want. The zodiac sign Aires is represented by a Ram, Capricorn is represented by a creature that is half Goat

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