August 16, 2002
What to say... I've really been slacking on this site. Busy doing this or that, and it shows in my hits and e-mails. Their are people out there that might need my help, right?  So I'm to busy to even reply to their e-mails, and what am I doing... sitting on my butt playing Diablo II LoD. It's a very addictive game, but that's no excuse, I have to get back to work do what I meant to do when I put this little place together.
I have a few ideas on what's needed... a message board, more links, more information, wider varieties of topics... I noticed allot of vampires and dragons come through here (check the poll.) Perhaps more information directed towards those.
I am but one man, and this is a big project.... people out there if you have any ideas or you want to help, feel free to e-mail me. Lets get this site rolling and help those people out there who need us.  
August, 9, 2002
Was just messing around with photo manipulator the other day, had some pictures of my fiancee, thought I might share them on here.
July, 14, 2002
Happy birthday to me! Today is my 19th birth, and I will share with you a poem that I wrote only days ago.

Their past a time, so this story be told.
The magik was taken in the days of old.
Our world was young, 400 had passed.
Many their were, but fewer would last.
Growing along side them, their brother called man.
Who had ideas of owning people, the land.
Claiming great countries both far and wide.
Slowly the world began to divide.
Their time carried, we did our best.
Took to the foothills of the land we had blessed.
In man grew a fear that we were about,
Creating a god who would soon wipe us out.
Perhaps they were jealous, the wraith of their lord.
They met us with torches, curses, and swords
To drive out the devil we surely possessed.
For we worked with magik they expected no less.
People we trusted, now turned away,
Our brother man forgot us that day.
Not in their books of great yesteryear
No notes of us, who they envied and feared.
We slipped in the shadows with Dragons, and Fey
All had agreed, no reason to stay.
Let men corrupt this planet my friend,
Soon their great terror will come to an end.
We will be back, of this I am sure
To bring to our home that which is pure.
You need not fear us, I assure you of that.
But remember the words of this old draconcat

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.
December, 5th, 2002
In recent meditations I have made a few discoveries that I would like to share. I have been seeking a bit of information on my personal pastlife memories, trying to put some peices together and figure out exactly what my people were exactly. I hope this in turn will help me find others who have similar experiences.
From what I've gathered their were many shapeshifting clans in Ierland. Many were strictly of wolf lineage, but their were others. Whether these clans still exist is a question that I doubt we'll ever know. In my memories these clans were very secretive, the humans knew we were healers, magicians, herbalist, astrologist among other practices, but had no idea that we were not human. Even when dealing with other clans during "Moon Ceremonies" the clans secrets were well kept.
In these meditations I have come to interpret two clan names, and may be able to describe them a bit. The Nemines, the clan I was a part of was lead by a Chiefdon/Priest and  a Healer/Priestess, the members shifted into semi animal form of various shape. For example, I the draconcat (which is the name I have placed upon it.) The Priestess, who had raised me, shifted into a creature much like an owl, but with finger like talons, resembling those of an owls feet sprouting from atop the wings and large human-like blue eyes. The Priest took the form of a fawn like creature with stag horns. Many others took the form of wolven creatures, birds, cats, and even reptilians. The clan was formed of mostly healers, and herbalist. Members were chosen from villages about the valley we settled, and taught the history of our kind. Though I have not figured out how we were born to human parents, it is most obvious to me that we were not human, and our natural form was that of the beast we took shape of.
Another clan I remember were the Soudites, we also called them the Fire Clan, their shifted form was more that of humanoid beast, looking similar to goblins, or hollywood werewolves. The Soudites were less involved with human civilization, residing in the forested regions of the mountains. The only contact that my clan had with the Fire Clan was during Ceremonies and festivals, to which they always brought the fire. These beings used magick  to change the weather, and did spells of great change. They were mostly indifferent to the human population, not aiding nor fearing them. Others joined this clan by seeking them out as they reached their teen years, and indeed many Nemines chose to join the Soudites as they reached adulthood.    

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