The Energies
that Bind

In the past few months I've dabbled a bit on this subject, I've mentioned a few times here and there but haven't really got to deep into discussing it.

I feel that we, as otherkin have a higher, or more reactive energy level. In theory it is the energy we would use to take "true form." Now I know that their are those out there that claim to actually take "true form" and if indeed that's true then my hats off to you. For the rest of us though that energy is like a nuclear reactor just itching to explode, now again this might not be true for everybody.

This excess energy you might feel can be confusing and frustrating, before you attempt anything on this page you should refer to the page on balancing, go over what it says their, take in the Ten Steps.

Your own Charge
Ok so you've read that and your ready to go on with this. The first part of this is going to deal with feeling your own energy. You know what I'm talking about, that field of energy around all of us... the aura. This energy is strongest around the chakras.

The Chakras
These 7 bodily points are distinguished by the energies
natural auric colors.
Base chakra = Red
Spleen chakra = Orange
Solar Plexus chakra = Yellow
Heart chakra = Green
Throat chakra = Blue
Brow chakra = Violet/Indigo
Crown chakra = White/Pink

So now your wonder what these points have to do with your aura? How about an experiment. Close your eyes, relax feel the room with these points, let each point take in the room in its own special way, don't use your five basic senses only the chakras.

What your doing here is charging your aura with energy from each specific chakra point, your aura then takes in the information gathered sending it back to that chakra point. Same way you use your other senses. In fact you use your chakra's everyday without even noticing, such as that nervous feeling in your gut, something about your position makes your naval chakra send out a red alert.

This is the basis of most all the working that you can do with your own energy. To each their own, people tend to be more receptive with one or two of their chakra points, I personally seem to be more receptive with the brow chakra, or the third eye. Find your strong point and develop it, consider it your natural gift.

Knowing all this you are ready to start working with your own natural energy. The next thing to do is learn how to expand your energy, another thing you do often without even knowing it, doing this consciously takes some practice, meditate on it if you find the time. Once you've achieved this start trying to direct it, you could use it in healing, finding your keys, getting to know a new person, inevitably, though I don't condone it, you may even harm another person.

This is the part where you get to use your imagination. Before I even got into energy work I used Visualization without a second though, its like when your foot falls asleep, you picture that tingly, annoying feeling in one way or another... I always saw it as sort of a static like that on a T.V. screen around my foot. Well how ever you saw it, thats giving a mental image to something you cant even see. Now those colors given to the chakras come into play, each color is a way to visualize the energy emitted from that region.
Lets start with the crown chakra for instance, this is the point where energy is always being emitted, in my opinion this is where a psychic can pick up a stray thought, close your eyes, after your done reading this of course, and visualize a white energy rizing from the peak of your head, feel it get familar with its flowing pattern, feel that energy as part of your being, work with it as if it were an extention of your being, change its flow, experience your suroundings through that point, this is the chakra that likes to deal with thought and conteplation, a good way to really get to know how you think deep down about things, a good way to figure things out that have been bothering you, and with some practice a good way to figure out what others think about things as well. Such as when your with someone and something seems to be wrong with them, well you have the thought in the back of your mind that somethings wrong. You may ask them and and they say everythings fine, but that nagging in the back of your mind may be seeing something wrong in the back of the persons mind.
Now work your way down through the chakra's each one has its own way of taking the world in, visualize that energy direct it towards a task, see it as an extension of your being, take in the world with it.

Drawing from the Earth
The ground beneath your feet is an exellent source of energy, to recharge yourself if your feeling a bit drained from excess energy work, this is especially helpfull when your just starting with experimentation, it will take you longer at first to acheive the task and hence take more energy to accomplish.
Sit or lay in a meditative position  and laps into unconciousness, visualize energy being drawn up from the earth, I visualize the energy being green, because I represent the earth with the color green. Imagine it filling you charging you with its power, becoming your energy.
Now when your done doing this remember to return the excess energy back to the earth, this is called grounding, anything you dont need, let it return back to Mother Earth. If you forget to do this, you might feel a bit of an overload, experiencing disoriantation, shakes, among other things. You can draw energy from many other sources, such as trees, the air around you, the sea, crystals, and in the case of psychic vampires you can draw it from other people. Though if you are drawing from other people its polite to ask permission first, or at least draw from a crowd to avoid draining the "victim."  

I hope this help a bit in dealing with all that extra energy building inside you. Take your time and you can achieve this    
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