What is a Draconcat???
    Draconcat is the name I came up with for my particular kin, or phenotype. It is a combination of dracon, meaning dragon, and of course cat.
    This type of otherkin is apparently rare, being the fact that I have never met another and heard of very few. Still we do exist, not all dark like me I'm sure, but I feel their are others out there.

What does a Draconcat look like???
    As for me, I have the body about the size of a mountain lion, with black shaggy fur covering my body. With a pretty typical feline physique, except of course I few dragon-like features, two lower, tusk like teeth protruding on either side of a slightly elongated snout, which appears longer than the muzzle of any cat I've seen. Also retractable feline like claws, with a dragon-like posable thumb on each forepaw. Lastly a long prehensile serpentine tail, similar to that of a dragon or tree lizard, though it too s covered with black shaggy fur.
   A native American draconcat I've met in the spirit realm was not shaggy, had a tannish coat similar to a lion, long dagger like upper teeth similar to a sabretooth cat. He was larger and more heavily built than I, closer to the size of a male lion, had a shorter tail, though still serpentine, does not seem prehensile. I have also caught a glimpse of a small Egyptian draconcat, built more like a light cheetah, with a quite longer thinner tail, and tusk similar but quite a bit smaller than mine

Where do Draconcats come from???
   As far as I can tell, we come from this world, very long ago. In my past life memory I was in this world. Ireland to be specific, large black cats are still sighted in Ireland and the UK in modern time, so it is my theory that some of my kin may still reside in, "the old country." Draconcats always have a human form which they maintain for the majority of the time, they lived in Ireland among other shifters, and pagan clans, up until the fifth century a.d. Of course little is known about Celtic and Druid civilization due to the fact that much of the prechristian records of Ireland were destroyed by the Romans, or later by the Inquisition. As for habitat, the  draconcat seems to prefer deciduous forest mainly, avid tree climber, as well as open moors and highland foothills.
    Draconcats can come from other areas of the world as well, often taking the human guise as practitioners of nature religions. Some may be Native American, others African, this would change the environment they lived in, also changing their appearance.
    Another thing I must note on, in my past Iife I lived among shifters other than draconcats. Their were many different creatures in our clan, some remained bipedal and human like, such as our satyr like high priest, and some even took on energy forms resembling ghost, while others took animal like forms of owls, deer, wolves, among others still
Could I be a Draconcat???
   Its not up to me to say, you may be any kind of otherkin, you may not be. The best advice I can give you is to do some soul searching and ask yourself if you are. Deep inside I always knew what I was, it was just hard to accept and figure out without facts. I think that if you feel inside that you are otherkin, than its most likely true. Always trust your intuition on things of these matters.

What does a Draconcat do???
   I believe all otherkin are connected to a certain element, not everyone of the same phenotype has the same element. The four basic elements earth, air, fire, and water, as well as, light, dark, balance and chaos. Some may have more than one, others may not. My personal element is darkness, as well as water.

Have you ever met another draconcat???
    No unfortunately I haven't met anyone who is a draconcat in the real world or on the internet. That is part of the purpose of this website, I would like to meet another. I have met a draconcat in the astral realm I have met a very friendly and wise Native American Draconcat. Who I hope to learn much from. I have also seem an Egyptian Draconcat.

Are their draconwolves, or other draconcreatures???
    I haven't met any, but its quite possible. Their are many other creatures out their most couldn't imagine yet alone name, another such draconcreature wouldn't be farfetched at all.  

Are draconcats therianthropes???
    In my opinion yes, where if you asked someone else they would say no. Some believe dragons are other worldly, that would mean anyone who was a dragon was not a therianthrope. This said, draconcats are not other worldly, they did at some point in time, if not still, live in this world. This can be argued again and again, but the term therianthrope isn't necessarily defined. I personally prefer the term shifter, I am undeniably a shifter, leading me to believe any other draconcat would experience the same.

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